International Financial License


Offer financial services like offshore brokerage or offshore asset management, investment advise, crypto currency related payments, offshore debit card issuing or even an own ICO with token sales to a worldwide clientele. Act independently of regulators but with a full permission to be an International Financial Company (IFC). 100% tax exempted, top privacy and with full bank accounts for third party funding and a maximum on financial flexibility. Nominee services are permitted and if requested provided.

Georgia  |  Advantages of an International Financial Company (IFC)



A small country, but with huge potentials. Georgia is connecting Occident and Orient. An entrepreneur friendly climate and political stability are essential requirements for a successful business. Georgia got it!



The benefits of an IFC -International Financial License is immense. The reputation of an onshore company with the advantages that an offshore jurisdiction is offering. A worldwide unique combination.



Zero tax liabilities. Especially for crypto currency companies or offshore brokerage and asset management projects a must. The IFC comes with a certificate from the Ministry of Finance that guarantees a complete corporate tax exemption! Wow!



A company without bank accounts is worthless! IFLS will set up your Georgian IFC with full SWIFT / IBAN connected bank accounts. Fully operative up from day one. Third party funding of customers permitted. Debit Cards and Online Banking included.


Create your own products. Asset Management Offshore, Brokerage and FX trading offshore or launch your own ICO. The IFC company is crypto friendly. All those undertakings you can start now! And this within 4 to 8 weeks (approval time depending on the Ministry of Finance)!

About IFLS Georgia

IFLS Corporate Services Ltd with his representative office in Tbilisi entered the Georgian Market in 2014. Since then the IFLS Corporate Services Group became the largest license acquirer in the country for foreign applicants in financial business. A network of professional lawyers and accountants with excellent ties to Ministries and the regulatory bodies convinced not just us, but especially IFLS's incorporation clientele.


Incorporate in Georgia your International Financial Licensed entity and offer within 4 to 8 weeks worldwide financial services with a minimum of legal barriers.

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