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A cooperation with IFLS Corporation Services goes along with many advantages. Firstly, you are going to deal with the world's largest license acquirer for the financial industry. 

Secondly, depth knowledge in compliance issues, legal matters, tax laws and priceless help & tipps in the daily use for our licensing products will convince!

White Label

Offer our solutions in your CI

You will receive permission to use our advertising materials and even ammend them to your needs - with your company logo, address, you as contact partner.

Your customers will never deal with us directly  (if not desired). Your good name and standing should be argument enough to close successfully the deal and enable your clientele indirect access to all our services.

Free Pricing

You as valued partners can decide to what price you are offering the Georgian IFC license solution to your customers. You know them best. You are absolutely free to invoice them so as usual and simply transfer to us the reseller price.


Alternatively we can invoice you even with individual mark-ups, customer pays and we send the kick-back back to any account of your choice.


Get the direct contact with a dedicated expert in-house.Our licensing management team will respond to all queries, update requests immediately Mo-Fr from 5am until 6pm CET.

You can update then your client so as you want. Our experts will treat your requests with priority since we are committed especially to our institutional partners and affiliates. Get positively surprised.

Cooperation & Corporate Services Providers / CSPs.

Ready to discover new horizons? Get our IFC license for your clientele.

You are a professional consultant, legal adviser or even a corporate services provider? Then we should have a chat.


This unique IFC license from Georgia can be a real booster for your business. Offer your entrepreneurs this fantastic easy to obtain license.


Minimum paperwork and extraordinary attractive margins for you. 100% white labeling possible! Speak to us what we can do for you.

Cooperation Advantages:

Let's come together.

Become a certified partner of IFLS Corporate Services Ltd. Introduce your clients to us without losing access or control over them. Advertise white label and get PriorityCare as professional partner.

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