IFC License

License is issued by government authority! Enjoy legal safety in operations and proper permissions by law. Do not risk anything. Trust the legislation of Georgia to operate your new business.

The current approval time is between 4 - 8 weeks depending on the volume of applications with the Ministry of Finance.


Offer legally safe & secure:

Offshore FX*

Offshore Asset Management*

ICO launches

Offshore crypto exchange*

Collective activities*

Investment Advise

For other activities please speak to us and we advise if this license is sufficient. *highlighted activities are to be conducted to customers residing outside Georgia.

100% tax free

The Ministry of Finance in Georgia will give you a 100% corporate tax exemption if all requirements are fulfilled to reach this special status.It's our job to ensure, that you will benefit of this extraordinary unique offshore / onshore combination. You must not generate than more than 10% of your business / income within Georgia.


IFLS Corporate Services Ltd along with its legal partners will setup your company in no-time, create all documents in Georgian language that are required, submit the application to the Ministry, follow up and update you. We open the bank accounts, providing office addresses and offering even nominee services if requested.

The IFC License for

International Financial Business Operations.

The International Financial License - Product Description

The International Financial License permits to conduct financial activities worldwide. On-board customers from anywhere when requesting for your services (e.g. online), perform financial transactions through your new full SWIFT multi currency bank accounts (EUR / USD / GEL / RUB / GBP) and become a successful financial services provider with an international reputation. The Business License is issued by the Ministry of Finance, a full government institution. Benefit of less bureaucracy and enjoy far more flexibility than any other regulated entity.

License Facts:

Incorporation Package:

Company Incorporation

  • Free name check up-front

  • Due Diligence checks before launching and on-boarding to avoid that documents are not sufficient in regards of the licensing application

  • Certified translation of notarised documents from German, English, Frech or Spanish or Russian into Georgian language

  • Creating of POA (Power of Attorney) to give our legal partners the mandate to setup the company and preparing all licensing documents, opening the bank accounts, etc.

  • Registry extract in Georgian language and certified translated into English

  • Providing of all company documents originally in Georgian and with certified translation into English

  • Providing office address in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Opening of bank account multi currency with own dedicated IBAN account number in your company's name

  • Launching of the application with the Ministry of Finance

Licensing Process

  • Submitting of all required documents to the Ministry incl:

  • Setup of Business Plan

  • Setup of simplified internal procedures

  • Activities Description

  • Setup of AML Manuals (OECD Standard) to prevent and fight Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

  • Setup of simplified Terms and Conditions

  • Setup of Privacy Policy and Data Protection Disclosre

  • Start of the application to receive the International Financial Company / IFC certificate

Add-Ons (optional)

  • Nominee Setup for Director and Shareholder position

  • Setup SEPA Payment Provider access to be able to manage SEPA Payments from European customers

  • Introduction to Software providers for account management, compliance software etc.

  • Introduction to overseas MasterCard Principal Member in order to issue Debit Cards / Credit Cards in a co-branding problem with a licensed issuer

  • Introduction to EU regulated Forex Brokers for Multi Account Management Setups or MasterAccount Setups, FX Trading Platform access

  • Introduction to Liquidity Providers in case you providing FX related activities

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